Land App Design

Land App offers a new view on travelling and storytelling. Try handcrafted users' guides during your next vacation. Discount coupons will also help you to save some extra money. Have a nice trip!

Tons of data & clear navigation

Land App offers an easy way to navigate through tours.

Every tour card shares essential information on a preview card: a score (that stands for a tour quality using inner algorithmes), an image, a title, a date it was added and an author.

Tour overview stores a lot of useful information in convenient way. Browse through the gallery, get some specs of the route. A map in the bottom indicates that scroll is available.

Your journey in one screen

Explore the route with the points of interest. Everything you 'll need from its location to discount coupon on a single screen!

If you want to see a list of all points of interest and detailed info about them, just swith to Locations tab.

Locations in details

An alternative view when you need more info when planning or reviewing your trip.

Create a deal

Creating a new deal requires as little steps as it's possible. For example, by default there will be an infinite amount of coupons available. But if you are looking for particular amount, simply uncheck the chechbox and set your own number.

Placeholders turn into labels to be sure users won't get lost when filling in the form.

Made by Vasili Savitski