Happiful iOS App

Designed by Vasili Savitski

I focused on several screens from different parts of the application, so you can explore my style and the way I make decisions for the entire app.

Current version includes Questionnaire, List of specialists, Specialist's profile, Categories and Journal.

Activities will be included in the next version.

Get Started

Get Started: Questionnaire

Using 9 cards with 2 fields each is much better than using 18 fields on a single screen. That way users will be more likely to fill them.

Users can always skip the questionnaire by hitting Submit button, as the default values have been already picked. Default values are ‘normal’ for Current and ‘happy’ for Wanted Happiness.



Every category has its own color and is supported with an icon that fits the general style.


List of specialists

Browse specialists that are closest to you. You can change settings (region, distance) or use search input to find the right one.

Favorite specialists will be easy to notice when looking through search results. Tap a star to add a specialist to your favorites, tap once again to remove. It's important that 'Add to fav' button is large enough so you can interact with it easily.

Important actions (open detailed profile, add to favs) can be performed with left thumb. That's cool as the majority people are right-handers. If 'Add to favs' button was to the right, it will be hearder to reach it.

Tap a card to see specialist's details. Hit 'Back' arrow to go back to categories.

Specialist's profile

Specialist's Profile

Profile stores all essential information.

It has a dominant CTA: Book Now. This action is followed up with secondary actions: Send email and Add to favorites.

Positivity journal

Positivity Journal

Browse and pick inspirational cards you like by adding them to favorites. There are several approaches to design these cards: we can use colors only, and we may add images as well.

Thanks for watching! Looking for your feedback so I can make some tweaks.
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